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About Us


The founding teachers of Little Lions Preschool started the school to continue the brilliance of Burma Wright, a former preschool director, by continuing her successful curriculum and traditions of Early Childhood Christian Education. Burma's visions have been a gold standard for preschool education, in our community of LaGrange for over 60 years. It is our goal to continue the curriculum, traditions and structure as we prepare young children for bright educational futures in a loving environment.


The teachers are thankful and honored to have a great partnership in our ministry with the wonderful leaders and congregation of Western Heights Baptist Church. Our campaign, New Spaces with Familiar Faces, brings years of experienced familiar faces to many children of the Troup County area in our wonderful new spaces of Western Heights.

Little Lions Preschool at Western Heights offers classes to children ages 18 months to 4 years old. It is our hope, as teachers, that Burma's visions of early childhood learning and development will live on for 60 more years and beyond.

Upcoming Events:

March 15th - Spring Pictures by Meg Shelnutt Photography

March 17th - End of Roger's BBQ Ticket Fundraiser

March 21st - 3 year old classes' Field Trip to Piney Woods Farm

March 30th - Class Parties and Easter egg hunts

April 3rd-7th -Spring Break

April 9th - Easter

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