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 1. Complete Online Form or Download PDF 


2. Complete Forms.


3. Return via Email or Mail if you printed them from the PDF.



Little Lions Preschool 

c/o Meg McLeod

2383 West Point Road 
LaGrange, Georgia 30240


4. Pay Registration Fee.

Via Venmo, or Check payable to Little Lions Preschool and mail with Registration Forms.


Registration is not valid until paid in full.

Register Today for 2022-2023

Registration Forms

Preschool Classes

Toddler/Young 2's Class                  

     (3 day)                                         WAITLIST  

2's Class                                           WAITLIST

  (3 or 5 day)  


Young 3's Class                              2 spots

   (3 or 5 day)                                      

Older 3's/Young 4's Class          WAITLIST

  (3 or 5 day)                                    

4's Class                                          WAITLIST   (Pre-K 5 day only)             

Once all classes are filled we will start a waitlist and highly encourage contacting us to be placed on the waiting list.



You will receive confirmation of your child's Registration once we receive the form and payment. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Thank you from all of the teachers at Little Lions Preschool.


Little Lions Preschool does not discriminate against individuals because of race, religion, or national origin. Children will be admitted to the school without discrimination and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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